GHB 20A 12V 24V Solar Charge Controller Auto Switch LCD Intelligent Panel Battery Regulator Charge Controller Overload Protection Temperature Compensation


LCD Screen Display >> This solar panel charger controller with LCD to display all parameters, the LCD has rich contents, the users can intuitively know the working condition of the controller. The LCD display is with built-in energy-saving backlight LCD, display better, more clear, more beautiful, more modern and more power-efficient.

Fully Automatic >> This solar panel regulator with output switch, intelligent control, easy to operate, to connect the controller and the battery by cables with the right polarity. The battery indicator light on the controller will be on if successfully connected, otherwise, to check and reconnect.

Power-efficient >> Microcontroller digital accuracy, when it’s charging, the arrow between the panel icon and the battery icon will flashe fastly, when the battery was a full charge, it will be slow flashed, will stop charging,the function of the controller is to protect the voltage overshoot and discharge. Available for DC lamp and phone charging. A key to open and close the load.

Rated Discharge Current >> 20A; USB Output Voltage: 5V; Total USB Output Current: 3A; DC Output Voltage: 12V. To connect your load and the cables with the right polarity and then connect with the load output port of the controller. Pay special attention to + – polarity to avoid reversed connection, otherwise, your load may be damaged. (Kindly suggest to use standard 11-15 AWG wire to connect with terminals perfectly.)

Protection Functions >> Overload and Short circuit protection, Lightning protection, Under-voltage protection, Over-charging protection, Reverse Polarity protection charge controllers for solar panels. Use PWM&WPC mode, improve system efficiency and prolong the life span of the battery.


GHB Solar Charge Controller

The product can automatically manage the working of solar panel and battery in the solar system. It is easy to set up and operate.


  • Overload/Short Circuit Protection: 1.5 Times by Rated Current
  • DC Output Voltage: 12V
  • Total DC Output Current: 2A
  • Short Circuit Recovery Time: 10s
  • Open Circuit Voltage of Solar Panel: 40V
  • No Load Loss: 0.05W
  • Over Voltage Protection: 15V; x2/24V
  • Float Charge Voltage: 14V; x2/24V
  • Discharge Recovery Voltage: 12V; x2/24V
  • Over-Discharge Voltage: 10.5V; x2/24V
  • Working Temperature: -35~55°C

Environmental Protection and Energy Saving

No matter at home or on the road, the GHB solar charge controller operates fully automatically, easy to operate.

Safety Instructions:

  1. Make sure your battery has enough voltage for the controllers to recognize the battery type (12V/24V) before installation.
  2. The regulator is only suitable for lead-acid batteries: OPEN, AGM, GEL. (NOT suitable for lithium batteries, Ni-MH battery)
  3. Only suitable for working with photovoltaic solar panels. (NOT for other DC or AC power source)

Easy to Operate

  1. Connect the battery to the charge regulator – plus and minus.
  2. Connect the solar panel to the regulator – plus and minus.
  3. Connect the load to the charge regulator – plus and minus.

NOTE: The reverse order applies when deinstalling! An improper sequence order can damage the controller!

Dual USB Charging Output Inter

Dual USB output (1A, 2A), this solar charge controller can simultaneously charge or supply power to two mobile phones, tablet PCs and other devices that require 5V power.

Fully Automatically

Makes you use 100% Available Solar Power. (Note: The battery cable should be as short as possible to minimize loss.)

Provide Full Protection

  • Over-load protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Lightning protection
  • Under-voltage protection
  • Over-charging protection
  • Reverse Polarity protection