GHB 6 x Baby Socks 6 Colors Non-slip Cotton Socks for 8 – 38 Months Babies and Toddlers – 6 Pairs Colorful (12cm)


The new non-slip socks offered by GHB, with beautiful and vibrant color designs, are very suitable for your babies and toddlers.

The length of each sock reaches 12CM, which makes these socks suitable for a foot that is 8-12CM long.

Materials: 75% Cotton, 21% Polyester, 4% Lycra, the socks are comfortable to wear, they are resistant and of quality.

The socks have a non-slip base and are made of comfortable cotton fabric, they are also breathable and able to absorb sweat.

Pack of 6 pairs of socks in the following bright colors: purple, pink, green, blue, yellow and white.


ere is our new product for children offered by GHB, that is the non-slip socks for babies and children.

Why buy it?
  • ✔ The socks are of high quality, made of 75% Cotton, 21% Polyester and 4% Lycra, which makes them very comfortable and comfortable to wear.
  • ✔ Beautiful and pretty product, nice and cute design, it is definitely very suitable for children at an early age.
  • ✔ The pack contains 6 pairs of bright and cute colored socks, especially suitable for small children.
  • ✔ With non-slip base and comfortable cotton fabric, they are suitable for the well-being and health of the feet of babies and children.
  • ✔ The length of each sock reaches 12 CM, therefore they are suitable for children up to 38 months (specifically from 8 to 38 months).
  • ✔ They are convenient and easy to wash, as they can be machine washed or dry cleaned.
  • ✔ They are breathable and non-slip, also able to absorb sweat.


  • Suitable for 8 – 36 months (0 – 3 years) kids and babies
  • Function: Sweat absorbing, breathable, non-slip
  • Material: 75% Cotton, 21% Polyester, 4% Lycra
  • Product size: length 12cm
  • Colors: 6 Colors